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Consultation only by appointment or e-mail. If desired massage at hotel or B&B.  

Who is Itran Massages

let people live in their illusions
believing there's no other way.
rescues us from this illusion.
KNOWING is the power, the liberation!
It's given to EVERY ONE to FEEL
the TRUTH in our HEARTS
prof. T. Zeberio

My name is Katty Matthys,
born in Bruges on March 5, 1966,
I work as a nurse since 1985,
but my biggest interests since childhood
go to psychology, religion, metaphysics, astrology,
philosophy and in particular the
connection between body and psyche.

After years of study and following
training courses I thought it was time to
start my own private practice Itran
and share my knowledge with others.


Energetic Holistic Therapist
with Dirk Maertens and Regine Vanbelle in Bruges.
Guasha Therapist with facial and eye diagnosis
in the Meihan Instititute of Dr Meimei in Utrecht -
Reading and healingtherapy
in de Muntig Siokan school in Bali.
Massage Therapist, wellness science and Chakra Therapy
in the Beauty School in Ghent.
Chair Massage
Indian Massage
Practical psychology
Hotstone Massage
Tantra massage
Thai massage

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